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Portuguese Soccer Shirts

It's that time again, you know, where people gather around the television to watch the world’s most popular sport. That's right, the World Cup is back and with that we are releasing all new shirts that show off Portuguese soccer pride. We created 2 in all sizes for everyone but it wasn't easy.

When you create a shirt you have to have a concept to create around and in this case we had it handed to us, soccer. You might think, "Okay, this is going to be easy, put the word Portugal and a ball and sell it!" not so fast there hot shot. We wanted to create shirts that weren't specific to the World Cup and that you could wear anytime, all the time and show your love of Portuguese soccer.

So we came up with a few ideas and let's say it didn't work out. We had the beloved Barceló’s rooster with a soccer shirt on kicking a ball, it was okay but no. Then we had a goalie diving across the shirt with the saying, "Portuguese goalies save lives", what was that. You could've been wearing a shirt that said Portugal in spray paint dripping onto a soccer ball that had the drop shadow of the World Cup trophy but that's a bad omen.

After all that we came up with 2 shirts that we love and you will too. The first one was entitled, "Portugal Soccer History" and it features a silhouette of a player dribbling with keywords behind him of all the history that pertains to Portuguese soccer.

The second shirt has the Portugal flag, a soccer ball and FORCA! It might be too awesome for you to handle but I assure you, it's safe and cool to wear. Forca Portugal is pride shirt 100%, no going back on it, it's a Portuguese person's dream come true.

I know one thing; I'll be wearing these shirts come time for the World Cup as I yell at the TV at the opposing players that I have no idea who Peter Guberstien is on Germany. Then again I do play FIFA soccer on my Xbox One so I'll cheat on names. Root, cheer, scream and love yourself some World Cup with Rooster Camisa.

We hope you enjoy and you can catch us as festa's this year selling these shirts and more.

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