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The Love of Hydrangeas

Posted by Margaret Resendes Peek on

    Whether you know them as the Azores, Portugal, or Açores, these nine islands have been the home of sentimental, loving people for centuries.  If you could peek into the heart of an Açorean, you'd see love and passion for so many things.  I've noted the main ones here, and by no means are they in order of importance.  The heart of the Açorean contains love for family, friends, spiritual practices, their birth island, food, fun, and the hortênsia (hydrangea).  Yes, that list ended with a flower.  Please read on to learn more about the magical islands' spectacular flower. ...

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Ten Things Every Portuguese Household Needs

Posted by Carla Moreira on

In her iconic song, "Uma Casa Portuguesa," the queen of fado, Amália Rodriques' beautifully captures the very heart and soul of the Portuguese home. In this song, there are heartfelt welcoming touches expressed throughout, from humble knocks at the front door to bread and wine on the table.  The homes of long ago are very different from those of today, but the sentiment is the same of the Portuguese home hasn’t changed.  As Amália sings,  “Numa casa portuguesa fica bem Pão e vinho sobre a mesa,  E se à porta humildemente bate alguém,  Senta-se à mesa com a gente  Loosely...

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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Posted by Rooster Camisa on

In the Portuguese culture, we honor our mothers in countless ways throughout the year. While the traditional Mother’s Day is closely linked to the church and celebrated on December 8, Portugal also now celebrates Mother’s Day in May along with the rest of the world.  No matter which day or what time of year, Portuguese mothers are held in high regard because of their lifelong dedication to their children. Portuguese mothers do a beautiful job of cherishing their children and showering them with enough adoration to last a lifetime.   People raised in the Portuguese culture are so fortunate because we’re...

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