A Rooster Camisa Christmas Rooster Camisa

A Rooster Camisa Christmas

This holiday season has been a fun and productive one for Rooster Camisa. Since we launched in October 2013 we've been really busy bringing fun Portuguese T-Shirts to people. This little company started with the thought of being personalized Christmas gifts for family and now it's a brand featuring a Portuguese cultural symbol that we all know growing up. When you see someone with a Barceló’s Rooster on their chest, you'll know it, Rooster Camisa.

We work hard behind the scenes so that little Manuel can open up his Christmas gift and tell everyone that "I Festa Anywhere". It's a team of 5 people that work to bring you and your family fun and laughter with our brand of shirts. We create it, print it, market it, ship it and lastly, love it. Our goal is to have you love the shirts as much as we do. As a group we sit around laughing at all the saying we've come up with that are yet to be unveiled and how our cultural up bringing has giving us so many ideas. Who else goes to festa's trying to win at the raffle while eating linguica and telling they're friends "Vai Pra Porra", ha, where is that, what's there for me and can I wear this shirt I just won at the raffle.

So from the team at Rooster Camisa, we hope you enjoy your holidays and your Camisa. There is more to come in 2014, don't miss out on our journey.

Merry Christmas,

- Rooster Camisa

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