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Carlos Vieira Foundation - San Joaquin Valley Portuguese Festival


Carlos Vieira Foundation

San Joaquin Valley Portuguese Festival

If you’ve ever been to an event where everything was great, you’ll know why I’m completely amazed at San Joaquin Valley Portuguese Festival 2019!  I know I’m not alone in the opinion that this amazing event has got to be an annual one.  As a matter of fact, I think I’m one of 15,000 people that hope that’s the case and here’s why.

For those that weren’t at this great event, it had everything going for it.  The Carlos Vieira Foundation graciously hosted one of the best cultural events I’ve attended in a very long time.  The host, sponsors and coordinators of this day really did our Portuguese heritage a solid!  From choosing a great location at San Joaquin Valley fairgrounds to the lineup of entertainment, everything was the best.    There were carnival rides for kids, Portuguese books for sale including one written by our friend, Joao Bendito, and a museum displaying Portuguese artifacts along with giving valuable information about our Portuguese ancestors’ contribution to America.    I mean, when you can start the morning with a parade that includes authentic folklore groups, marching bands and other cultural representations;  spend the whole day listening to beautiful music, eating great food and seeing friends like our pals at Cala a Boca and The Portuguese Kids and then end the night by dancing the chamarrita, that’s everything great, right?

In the event’s opening ceremony, Father Manual Sousa invited us all to be not Acoreanos from our separate islands, or from Madeira, Portugal and Brazil but to be Portuguese Americans of one heart.  That request set the tone for the day and created a special feeling in the air.  We were all there because we were Portuguese Americans celebrating who we are now and appreciating where we’ve come from.   We were all there because we wanted to support the Carlos Vieira Foundation in the continued great work it does to raise awareness of autism and to provide services for children and their families in the San Joaquin Valley.  We were all there because it’s important to support each other while inviting others to know more about our beautiful Portuguese. 

It’s something that we’re also passionate about doing every day with Rooster Camisa’s Portuguese inspired products.

Rooster Camisa had a pop-up product shop at the Carlos Vieira Foundation-San Joaquin Portuguese Festival event.  We were excited to introduce our new table cloths to our usual line of clothing and accessories.  As always, it was fun to see people enjoy taking their pictures with Luis, our full-sized rooster.  Rooster Camisa is so honored we were a part of the day and owe a huge debt of gratitude to those in attendance who supported us. 

Of course, the biggest hit of the day was the success of Carlos Vieira Foundation-San Joaquin Valley’s Portuguese Festival and the loving support being shown for the Carlos Vieira Foundation.  While 10,000 people were anticipated to attend, the actual numbers ended up being closer to 15,000.  That kind of success calls for a repeat performance in 2020!

For those who were at this amazing event, we’d love to hear what you enjoyed about the day so please email us at or visit us on social at Rooster Camisa Facebook, Rooster Camisa Instagram.

Muito obrigado e haja saude! (thank you and may there be good health)

Margaret Resendes Peek




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