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At Rooster Camisa, we love our Portuguese culture and we make sure to celebrate it all.  Rooster Camisa has great respect for our treasured traditions and we make sure we also give a playful wink to our sacred superstitions.  That’s why we’ve created the Figa Tee based on the infamous Portuguese Figa (fee gah). 

So what’s with the Figa?  The symbol is a closed fist with the thumb going through the index and middle fingers.  In childhood, my Avó explained to me that it’s something you do when you want to ward off envy or evil.  You make sure you do this when you’re giving credit to something good happening in your life. Hey, sounds a lot like knocking on wood, right?  However, I’ve recently learned that there’s much more to the Figa than the outcome one hopes for   The Figa is also a representation of female genitalia. My Avó never told me that!  In a culture bound by female modesty, I guess she didn’t want me to look too closely at what the symbol resembled.

But whether you see it as insurance against bad juju or as a refresher on female anatomy, the Figa is a part of our Portuguese culture that deserves a place of recognition.  We hope you enjoy our Figa tee and wear it knowing you’re not only warding off bad vibes, but you’re also educating your friends and family. 

From your friends at Rooster Camisa, may the Figa be with you.

Margaret Resendes Peek

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