Who We Are At Rooster Camisa - Meet ENV Films Rooster Camisa

Who We Are At Rooster Camisa - Meet ENV Films


Natalie and Ernie Velayo of ENV Films are officially known as Rooster Camisa’s Creative Content Managers. But they’re also known as the dynamic duo of the company’s image and video magic.  

 Although they come from different backgrounds, Ernie and Natalie share a positive outlook on life that can be seen in their visual content.  Natalie grew up in Northern California as an only child in a Portuguese family.  She and Rooster Camisa’s owner and founder, Goretti Medeiros, are cousins.  Even as a child, Natalie says her passion was for visual art.  While in college, she majored in psychology; art continues to fuel her creativity and joy.   She currently works in advertising and marketing.  Ernie was born in the Philippines and is the youngest of three children in his family.  He and his family immigrated to the U.S. when he was seven years old.  Growing up, Ernie says he not only enjoyed art, but he also enjoyed performing his imitations of famous singers.  He currently works in sales and project management.

It's Natalie and Ernie's passion for travel and food that inspired them to start ENV Films.  During their travels, they documented their adventures.  Natalie’s gift of drawing people into her photos' mood is a natural fit for what she does in the Rooster Camisa family.  Ernie says he loves the technical and complex aspects of video editing.  Much like anything else he's taken on in his life, Ernie has the gift of being self-taught and intuitive.   His talent as a videographer is also a natural fit for what he does in the company’s family. It's no exaggeration to say that Natalie and Ernie are perfectly matched for how they do life and how their gifts align.

Ernie and Natalie make the perfect team to help convey stories through imagery and videos.  They do a beautiful job of helping customers visualize how apparel looks and feels.  They highlight the beauty of the products imported from Portugal and help tell the story of how important the Portuguese culture is to Rooster Camisa. 

Natalie and Ernie say that they really enjoy the freedom to be creative and to be a part of a local start-up. Natalie says she and Ernie feel “it’s truly exciting to see a brand come to life and then evolve with the ever-changing market."   Ernie and Natalie believe that it's important to capture the vision of Rooster Camisa through high-quality content to tell the meaning and stories behind the products and designs. That belief is what makes ENV Films so valued by Rooster Camisa and why Natalie and Ernie are called the dynamic duo of the company’s image and video magic.

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