Portugal Thanksgiving Celebrations Rooster Camisa

Portugal Thanksgiving Celebrations

At Rooster Camisa, we’re fortunate that we have such great customers who make us grateful every day of the year.  As we celebrate Thanksgiving Day, we thought it’d be fun to share a morsel of Portugal’s traditional Thanksgiving celebrations.

Lucky for us all, things worthy of giving thanks are celebrated throughout the world.  While not celebrated for the same reasons or on the same day as in the United States, Portugal has its own giving of thanks celebrations.  One is called Festa dos Tabuleiros, which translates into Festival of the Trays.  This special celebration only happens every four years in the month July.

Another of Portugal’s Thanksgiving celebrations is the “Festas das Vindimas” which means harvest of vineyard festival.  This five-day celebration offers something for the entire family.  It includes wine tasting, activities for the little ones, sports events, different thematic expositions, wine sales and evening music shows. 

Whether you celebrate giving of thanks in November, July or September, may your heart be filled with warmth and your stomach be filled with favorite foods. 

Happy Thanksgiving from your Rooster Camisa family.




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