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Portuguese Good Luck

Boa sorte, meus amigos e amigas!  Good luck, my friends!  While the Portuguese don’t have one day set aside tied to the celebration of good luck, we do strut our stuff when it comes to bringing luck our way. Take, for example, the famous Galo de Barcelos!

Known throughout the world as “The Portuguese Good Luck Rooster”, this charming fellow is the unofficial national symbol of Portugal and crows loudly about the Portuguese belief in good luck.  Although he also symbolizes honesty, integrity, trust, and honor, for most people who weren’t raised in the Portuguese culture, he is all about good luck.

Good luck isn’t only represented in feathered form for the Portuguese.  It’s believed that clothes accidentally worn inside out or backward are said to be a sign of gift is coming your way. 

And who knows what that gift might be because it’s also believed to bring happiness to a home if you spill wine on the table.  I’d say that the one who notices the spilled wine and manages to salvage the loss is going to be the happy one.

These are only a few Portuguese superstitions about luck.  Whether it’s because of spilled wine, clothing errors or the presence of a famous rooster in the home, the Portuguese join in the global belief of luring good luck in many ways.

From your friends at Rooster Camisa, happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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