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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Posted by Rooster Camisa on

In the Portuguese culture, we honor our mothers in countless ways throughout the year. While the traditional Mother’s Day is closely linked to the church and celebrated on December 8, Portugal also now celebrates Mother’s Day in May along with the rest of the world.  No matter which day or what time of year, Portuguese mothers are held in high regard because of their lifelong dedication to their children. Portuguese mothers do a beautiful job of cherishing their children and showering them with enough adoration to last a lifetime.   People raised in the Portuguese culture are so fortunate because we’re...

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Portuguese Easter Traditions

Posted by Margaret Resendes Peek on

 Portuguese people love to celebrate, of that no secrets have ever been made.  With a society as old as the Portuguese, traditions that hold against the test of time are given a sacred place among many other occasions.  While some celebrations are based on traditions that stand apart from religion, many of the celebration biggies are centered around religion.  Because Portugal remains a country where the Catholic faith is an essential part of the culture, Easter is lived and loved with enthusiasm and devotion.  It is a holiday observed with a mixture of solemnity, sustenance, pageantry, and playfulness.  In other...

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