The Importance of Portugal's Murals Rooster Camisa

The Importance of Portugal's Murals

Patroa, Patrao- female and male employer or boss.

Chefe- a boss

Mestre  a master

The beginning of a new decade and a new year brings us the exciting opportunity to share more about our Portuguese culture.  Starting this month, Rooster Camisa will be sharing Portuguese words, their meanings, and some fun facts.  

Portuguese is a beautiful, complicated, layered language with words that share similar meanings.  For example, patrão, chefe and mestre mean almost the same thing.  They also have a very impactful place in Portugal’s history. 

In 1974, Portuguese citizens proclaimed an end to the era of the “patrão, chefe and mestre” effectively eradicating Marcelo Caetano and his Estado Novo regime! In celebration of the revolution, carnation flowers were placed in the rifles of Portuguese soldiers resulting in the name “The Carnation Revolution”. 

One of the many positive effects of Portugal’s Carnation Revolution was the explosion of political murals.  Since that time, Lisbon has become recognized as one of the best cities in the world for open-air art.  What began as a form of expression during a people’s revolution has grown into another way the people of Portugal express their love of their culture and its beauty. Along with visiting the many historical treasures in Portugal, urban art gallery walks, especially in Lisbon, have earned a spot high up on the list of great things to do while visiting Portugal.

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From your friends at Rooster Camisa, haja saúde e que paz para todos.  May there be good health and peace for all!




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