Welcome to Rooster Camisa Rooster Camisa

Welcome to Rooster Camisa

How it all started!

On August 18, 2013 we came to be Rooster Camisa by the luck of the Gallo de Barceló’s!  Prior to this day I'd been posting pictures and story about the Gallo on our family page in Facebook. Someone suggested the family should get a few matching shirts that had a common saying to wear for Christmas.  I saw the options and volunteered to design an original for us that would be a more special piece and keepsake.  After some of us (the now Rooster Camisa team) threw around lots of options for what would be the "holiday uniform" for the family portrait we quickly realized we were onto something fun!  Before we knew it we had more ideas than were needed for this simple tee for Christmas and voila Rooster Camisa was born!  It was suggested by some that we just sell these and then one thing led to another and here we are getting ready to launch our website and get product out to the world!  Combining all our talents and skills together we became Rooster Camisa and it only seemed fitting to start something so uniquely focused on our heritage! We will carry on the traditions and sayings we grew up hearing!  #1 Rule of Rooster Camisa is we will have fun and use our talents and humor to make great products that celebrate our culture.

See us soon on our adventures with Rooster Camisa at a Portuguese Hall near you! 

Got Festa? We do!


Goretti Medeiros

About the Rooster!

Gallo de Barceló’s is the national symbol of Portugal.

It symbolizes honesty, integrity, trust and honor.

The Legend of the Portuguese Rooster - 
The inhabitants of a village were quite alarmed with a crime and this all the more because they could not discover the criminal. One day appeared an outsider who became suspect at once. The authorities resolved to seize him and in spite of all his oaths of innocence nobody believed him. Nobody thought it credible that the man was on his way to worship a well-known saint in a nearby town, St. Tiago. Finally he was condemned to death by hanging. As a last request before his execution, he asked to be brought once more into the presence of the judge who had condemned him. The request was granted and they lead him to the residence of the magistrate, who was just banqueting with some friends. The convicted man declared again his innocence and in the presence of the guests, he pointed to a roasted rooster on the table exclaiming: "My innocence is as certain as the roasted rooster will cry, if I should be hung." Everybody laughed at him, but nobody dared to touch the rooster. However what seemed impossible became reality. When the man was to be hung, in that very moment the roasted rooster stood up on the table and began crying. Nobody doubted any more the innocence of the condemned man. They hurried to the gibbet and saw the poor man with the rope around his neck. But a free knot had avoided his suffocation. Immediately set free the man went away in peace.

Some years later, he returned again to Barceló’s and built a monument in praise of St. Tiago and the Holy Virgin.

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