Who We Are at Rooster Camisa - Meet April Rooster Camisa

Who We Are at Rooster Camisa - Meet April


April was born in central Wisconsin, where her family has resided for over 100 years. Originally from Germany, her family began a successful sausage company when immigrating to the United States. April is proud to say that the family company, Wenzel Farm Sausages, still exists today.  April is the oldest of two children in the family and has always had a passion for drawing.  She says she started drawing as soon as she was old enough to hold a pencil; doing anything else seemed unnatural.  It is this passion that has been a constant in April's life. 

April has a Fine Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stout and has been practicing design for over 15 years. She's worked for major corporations such as Michaels, but her favorite work, April says, is designing for small businesses.   This makes April a perfect fit for Rooster Camisa. 

In the Rooster Camisa family, April creates social media content and is instrumental in bringing Goretti's creative vision to life. Goretti is the company founder and owner.  Amongst the many facets of April's talent is the ability to pivot quickly.  This talent has been instrumental in the company's growth because she provides a variety of creative support that's critical when growing a small business. 

But her creative talents aren't the only thing that makes April such an excellent fit for the company. April has a sensitivity that shines through her work.  That ability has made it possible for her to tune into the Portuguese community without being Portuguese herself. She has a real appreciation for people's heritages and cultures.  She says that "I have found that working with the Portuguese community has revitalized my appreciation of my own German heritage."  One of her favorite things about the work she does is connecting people through art and creativity.  She's now studying classical painting techniques, something she's set aside for a long time but is happy to say is something to which she's found her way back. 

No matter where her talents lead her next, April says supporting a small business is important to her through her work and own purchases. As Rooster Camisa's social media content creator, she has one ask and thats, "please comment and share our posts! We love to hear from you, and it makes our work so much more meaningful when we can interact with our customers!"

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