Who we are at Rooster Camisa - Meet Heather Rooster Camisa

Who we are at Rooster Camisa - Meet Heather



Heather was born in Birmingham, Alabama, and it's where she lived for the first 18 years of her life. It was during those years that Heather's creativity was cultivated and nurtured. Heather says that she was fortunate enough to spend time with two grandmothers who both loved to quilt. She credits her love of fashion design and sewing to those two women who gave her access to their quilt fabric remnants. Heather says she has many good memories of sewing clothes for her dolls while, not far away from where she sat on the floor, a grandmother would be busy creating beautiful quilts.


But Heather gives credit in equal measure to the family tradition of tinkering for her love of industrial design. She believes tinkering started with her Scottish great-great-grandfather. This great-great-grandfather immigrated from Scotland with the dream of building an underground dairy farm, as it was something he'd accomplished in Scotland. While that plan didn't come to fruition in America, he remained connected to elements of the dream by working in the brick industry. Heather believes that it's generations of family connections to the brick industry that's influenced her love for industrial design.


While Heather earned a degree in Industrial Design from Georgia Tech, she has just as much passion for fashion design. Heather's career has been focused on product design and development for major brands including Michael Kors watches, ModCloth, and Steve Madden. Heather says she has a passion for brand building and thrives working as part of a team. It's in that spirit of brand building collaboration that she and Goretti's paths crossed years ago. And it's with that same spirit that has made Heather a critical part of Rooster Camisa.


Rooster Camisa has been fortunate to have Heather contribute to the company's apparel designs for over six years. Heather’s contributions have been pivotal in the continued success of building the Rooster Camisa brand. But Heather’s role as Rooster Camisa Creative Director isn't just about doing what she loves; it's about being part of a community. Heather says one of the things she appreciates greatly about Rooster Camisa is that "the brand provides identity, family, and community” For Heather, being part of Rooster Camisa fits right into how she loves to work. It's important to her that Rooster Camisa fosters collaboration, team creativity, and a brand that brings others together.


Heather loves what she currently does with Rooster Camisa. In addition to continuing her current work, Heather dreams of a time when she can also facilitate crafting/meditation retreats and continue to lead creative teams in product development and design. One thing is evident to those who know Heather and her work ethic, no matter what she does, she's an asset to anyone fortunate enough to be on her team; it’s certainly true at Rooster Camisa!

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Great interview, so inspiring to see so much talent and to hear the family herstory. I have seen and have some of her designs and love all of it.

Maria Gonzalez-Blue

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