Who We Are at Rooster Camisa - Meet Margaret Rooster Camisa

Who We Are at Rooster Camisa - Meet Margaret



Margaret Resendes Peek is Rooster Camisa’s Communications and Sales Manager.    Her self-appointed nickname is “the mouthpiece” for two reasons:  she loves communicating with others and she never lacks for words when doing it. She’s been part of the Rooster Camisa family for one and a half years.

She’s very proud to say she was born in Terceira, Açores, Portugal.  Being raised in the United States, Margaret describes herself as living the life of a third culture person. She says her career in social work stemmed from knowing what it’s like have to struggle fit in and accept help. As a social worker, she spent over two decades fine-tuning her skills as an empathetic, clear communicator.  Whether in writing or verbally, Margaret’s communication and people skills are highly valuable.

Margaret brings those skills to Rooster Camisa and they’re greatly valued.  Whether she’s writing about the Portuguese culture or talking to customers, sales representatives or vendors, Margaret’s input is always professional and welcoming. 

Margaret says, “finding my place in Rooster Camisa has allowed me to use my skills in a way that connects me to our Portuguese community. Nothing makes me happier than getting on a phone call and speaking Portuguese with a customer. I’m energized when I get to support our Sales Representatives and Brand Ambassadors. I feel a deep sense of gratitude that doing what I love also means being connected with so many aspects of the Portuguese culture.” 

Margaret says being part of the Rooster Camisa “movement” is very personal to her.  It’s a way for her to help pass on her heritage to future generations while honoring those who helped form the Portuguese culture she carries with her everywhere.  Margaret’s fond of saying she’s grateful for being Portuguese every single day and that gratitude has never been more so than at this time in her life.  It’s her goal to use that gratitude as a guide for how to radiate all the great things the Portuguese culture has to offer. 


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