Why We Do What We Do! Rooster Camisa

Why We Do What We Do!

Rooster Camisa’s Mission

Why We Do What We Do

First We Updated Our Website And Now We’re Ready To Share Our “Why”

Over the last 5 years, we’ve had a great time creating Portuguese inspired products and getting to know our amazingly supportive customers.  We’ve decided 2019 is the year we expand what we offer so that we can continue to provide quality products to our Portuguese community and start spreading the world on the positive influence we Portuguese have had on the American culture. 

New Products and a New Approach

Rooster Camisa is continuing to design fun clothing and quality accessories and we’re excited to announce that we’re curating a new line of beautiful housewares imported from Portugal!  From gorgeous table cloths made of high-quality cotton to a variety of aprons for everyone’s favorite cook.  Throughout 2019, we’ll be adding beautiful imports from Portugal that will represent our beautiful culture everywhere we share it.   

Rooster Camisa can’t do this alone and that’s where our new approach comes in.  In addition to continuing to be a fun sale’s presence at festas and other Portuguese events, we’ve started a new team of sales representatives throughout the United States!  Our goal is to make sure our Portuguese culture is carried on for generations to come and that we help our Portuguese ancestors get the recognition they deserve for all the great contributions made since their immigration to America. 

Speaking of generations, please be sure to listen to Cala Boca, a podcast produced weekly by three funny young Portuguese guys from California’s central valley. 

This is an exciting new era for Rooster Camisa.  Please join us in it by subscribing to us so you’ll get our newsletter and emails; by visiting our website, sharing us on social media and of course, joining us at live events. 

As they say in the old country, haja saude  (to good health)!

From your friends at Rooster Camisa!


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